I went to see Dr. Eileen today . . .

I went to see Dr. Eileen today cuz i was supposed to get some shots n’ stuff. I also hurt myself last week when i was playing in the snow; i did something to my left back leg and it hurts when i put weight on it.  My right back leg already has a boo boo, so i’m having a hard time getting around. I’ve been sleeping downstairs with either Mom or Dad cuz i don’t want to go up the stairs.

So Dr. Eileen looked me over and gave me some chewy treat things that are supposed to make it feel better. They also weighed me and I was 184.2 lbs. I thought I heard someone said that maybe i should have fewer snacks, but that can’t be right.

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  1. Gram says:

    Hey, Beau,

    Sorry you are feeling bad. I thought you would have had an X-Ray by now. I hope you feel better soon. I feel pretty good when I am sitting on a heating pad.

    Love Ya,

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