new year’s resolutions

  1. i will eat all my kibble
  2. i will bark at squirrels
  3. i will not bark at birdys
  4. i will carry sticks around the yard (this one was suggested by krista, who reads my blog but NEVER comments)
  5. i will chew the sticks too
  6. i will sleep a lot
  7. i will stay out of the gardens even when squirrels go in there
  8. i will not carry around nursery pots with plants in them
  9. i will not carry around nursery pots even with no plants in them (dad insisted on this one)
  10. i will try to keep physical damage to a minimum when i get excited about somebody coming home
  11. i will attempt to stop trying to swallow everything i find on the floor
  12. i will try to stop schmutzing mom when she is getting ready for work

3 Responses to “new year’s resolutions”

  1. Gram says:

    Hey, Beau,

    Get some new pictures taken of you being wonderful! Haven’t seen you lately! Hope you got your kibble for Christmas! I sent some.


  2. Gram says:

    Where are the new pictures I asked for? YOu need to make George aware you are photogenic soon.


  3. dane owner says:

    You people are crazy and halariouse………. I love My dane but cheeez ……..

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