dear santa

dear santa,

i have been a good boy this year.

well, not exactly good, but no one was seriously hurt.

this year i would like kibble for christmas, and if you can get that really big stick to fall out of the tree, that would be good too . . . .

thank you very much,

love beau

2 Responses to “dear santa”

  1. Gram says:

    Your Dad has the check for your kibble, so you make sure you get it. Your movie was not very long, and you did not smile for me.


  2. beau says:

    hi gram!

    dad gave me the check but i wanted to eat it so it took it back; he said it would get me 3 bags of kibble, so i am rethinking that whole eating paper thing; if i add up the tissues and napkins and post-it notes i’ve eaten, i’m figuring i missed out on a bunch of kibble. i will work on another movie soon.


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