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Sunday, October 25th, 2009

Dr Eileen and Natalie and Annette and Gramma!

Friday, October 23rd, 2009

So i went to the vet the other day to see Dr Eileen and Natalie, and I met a new friend Annette.

The first 2 pics are of me sitting on Dr Eileen’s lap and then the third one is me with Annette; she’s kinda a blurry cuz i just kinda body slammed her in to the wall.

I got many pill pockets and Natalie Snacks and some shots (i do  not like shots) and i drank out of the sink. the door from the exam room to the back doesn’t have a latch; you can just push it open with your nose!

I was 167.4 lbs and mom and dad said they were surprised i was still so scrawny.

And then  I got to go see Gramma at her house! Gramma’s house is cool; she hasn’t Beau-proofed it, so there’s socks and tissues and all kinds of cool stuff everywhere. Gramma likes me.