I went to see Dr. Eileen today . . .

December 20th, 2010

I went to see Dr. Eileen today cuz i was supposed to get some shots n’ stuff. I also hurt myself last week when i was playing in the snow; i did something to my left back leg and it hurts when i put weight on it.  My right back leg already has a boo boo, so i’m having a hard time getting around. I’ve been sleeping downstairs with either Mom or Dad cuz i don’t want to go up the stairs.

So Dr. Eileen looked me over and gave me some chewy treat things that are supposed to make it feel better. They also weighed me and I was 184.2 lbs. I thought I heard someone said that maybe i should have fewer snacks, but that can’t be right.


August 25th, 2010

have not gotten up on mom and dad’s bed in a long time, so i decided to surprise them today!


August 5th, 2010

dad came home today with a new toy for me! he said that it came from Faith and Joe and Eli, who are now my favorite people! dad took some pics (if you click on the little ones, they get big), and i’m working on breaking it in. will keep you posted.


June 28th, 2010

hi, it’s me, beau.

this afternoon my dad told me that someone in my family—Jezebel—passed away; i’m a dog, so i don’t really know what that means, but the people around here seem very sad, so i’m thinking it’s a big deal and I’m sad myself.

I never met Jezebel (she was a feisty little girl and I’m a big weeny and kinda freaked out by little dogs, i have to admit), but my dad says she was a good little girl and that my friend Meg (she let me schmutz her shirt!) is very sad, so i’m very sad too. To Meg: we are dogs, and we know how much you love us. we love you too.


today was a long day

May 26th, 2010

today i went to see Dr Eileen and Natalie first thing this morning and stayed all day. They gave me stuff that made me feel all dopey and messed with my toe and stuff. i had shots and I have some stitches and I’m feeling a little queezy. but i am home now and sleeping on my bed; mom and dad are also feeling queezy, but that’s about the bill; they do not have stitches…

and i weighed 170.5 lbs, so mom and dad did not call me puny…

i saw dr. eileen today

April 13th, 2010

and i got a booster shot and she looked at the boo boo on my foot and i got weighted: 169.6 lbs. then i went home for a nap.

Let’s Go ORANGE!

March 6th, 2010

my favorite toy

February 14th, 2010

the first picture is my favorite toy. dad says it is getting pretty ratty (i think it’s just broken in) so Gram got me a new one and I started breaking it in today.

and i was wearing my orange collar because the SU basketball team played today; they lost but i’m a good fan.

new year’s resolutions

January 2nd, 2010
  1. i will eat all my kibble
  2. i will bark at squirrels
  3. i will not bark at birdys
  4. i will carry sticks around the yard (this one was suggested by krista, who reads my blog but NEVER comments)
  5. i will chew the sticks too
  6. i will sleep a lot
  7. i will stay out of the gardens even when squirrels go in there
  8. i will not carry around nursery pots with plants in them
  9. i will not carry around nursery pots even with no plants in them (dad insisted on this one)
  10. i will try to keep physical damage to a minimum when i get excited about somebody coming home
  11. i will attempt to stop trying to swallow everything i find on the floor
  12. i will try to stop schmutzing mom when she is getting ready for work

dear santa

December 21st, 2009

dear santa,

i have been a good boy this year.

well, not exactly good, but no one was seriously hurt.

this year i would like kibble for christmas, and if you can get that really big stick to fall out of the tree, that would be good too . . . .

thank you very much,

love beau